About us

What is Kensington Insider?

Kensington Insider is where anyone who works, lives or visits Kensington can find new things to do and goings-on in the neighbourhood. We would love to help you discover something different, while bringing awareness to local businesses.

How did Kensington Insider come about?

Our neighbourhood is an important place – its people and its businesses combined. This was no more apparent than during the coronavirus outbreak which brought our communities together, but also highlighted the struggles that local businesses faced. This also happened to be a time when I moved to Notting Hill and instantly fell in love with the area. With more spare time on my hands, I got to know Kensington pretty well and grew an appreciation for the lovely local shops and business that I happened to wander into. I wanted to share this with people because I knew that they too would find something special in this community.

As my interest in the local shops and businesses grew, I wanted to support them too. I often found that many of these businesses lacked digital knowledge, an area particularly important in generating awareness and ensuring a smooth customer experience. This is why Kensington Insider also offers marketing consultation services to assist businesses in achieving growth ambitions and/or providing assistance with specific business challenges. To enquire about this service please use this form.