5 Notting Hill interior design ideas to refresh your living space

Spending more time indoors, has for many of us, changed our home environment. COVID-19 has increased interest in home improvement as more people look to adapt to new circumstances. With this in mind, check out these 5 Notting Hill homes to inspire your interior design changes or tweaks.

1. Glass extension

Create your own serene office space with a glass extension. If you live on the top floor, create a modern roof garden that will let more light into your home and make you feel like you’re floating above the city. Alternatively, extensions are also possible to the side of your home too. Plant your favourite flowers and ferns around the extension to breathe life into a space that was once forgotten about.

Roof glass extension

2. Ceiling architecture

Add architectural features to create shape and depth to your ceiling. Maybe you want to mimic wooden features found in chalets and create lattice shaped features. Or, alternatively, how about painting a pattern on your ceiling for something different.

Wooden ceiling architecture

3. Interior and exterior wall colour blocking

There’s no need to paint your walls one colour. Try a colour blocking technique and only paint sections of a wall to brighten up your space and add depth. In addition, if you have an outside space, you can continue the wall colour from the inside to outside to increase the sense of light and space.

Interior colour blocking
4. Art and statement pieces

Show your creative flair with colourful art pieces and statement pieces such as sculptures and light installations. Create different levels in your room -high and low- and use both linear and soft shapes to create a sense of movement and liveliness. Also, don’t be afraid of colour! Mix and match complimentary colours and patterns to add character to your interior.

Interior art and statement pieces
5. Texture mix n’ match

If you’re not a fan of colour, then this is a great way to add a pep to the look and feel of your room. Pick different types of materials, shades, and textures to create depth and airiness to your space. Mix your woods, marbles and stones, and play with the way they are laid out in your interior design: horizontally, vertically or in a pattern.

Texture mix n' match

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